July 3, 2022
95 year old man fell in love with 84 year old woman, got married

London . Just imagine what you would be doing at the age of 95? You will say what can anyone do at the age of 95. Will do bhajan kirtan, do worship and spend time with family and what else? Generally people say this, but in Britain, a 95-year-old man has married his girlfriend of 84 years. On May 19, the couple married in the same church where they had met 23 years ago.


According to the information, Julian Moyle, 95, was never married because he never felt that he had fallen in love with any girl. With age, the search for love also increased. Meanwhile, about 23 years ago, Julian met Warrie Williams in the church. There was friendship between the two but it never became Izhar-e-Ishq. Recently, during a meeting in February, 95-year-old Julian Moyle proposed to Valerie Williams for marriage. Valery Williams also said yes and then on May 19, both of them promised each other for life and married each other among about 40 guests at Calvary Baptist Church.

Expressing their feelings after marriage, both said that they cannot believe that they will get each other’s support at this stage of age. The two care a lot for each other and now both the couple are going to visit Julian Moyle’s ancestral home in Australia for their honeymoon. Mr Julian moved to the UK from Australia in 1954 and was a solo performer at the Welsh National Opera between 1970 and 1982.

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