July 3, 2022
Bhojpuri industry superstar Pawan Singh's second marriage will break!, know what is the matter

Jigsaw. Bhojpuri industry superstar Pawan Singh’s second wife Jyoti Singh had filed for divorce in the family court of Arrah on April 28, since then her fans have been keeping an eye on every update of this news. In this episode, Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh and his wife Jyoti Singh reached the family court of Arrah today (26 May Thursday). During this, both of them presented their side in the family court. During this, the judge asked both of them to negotiate and settle this matter among themselves. However, according to Pawan Singh’s lawyer, both do not want to live together anymore, so both have refused to live together.

Amidst the news of divorce, Jyoti Singh reached the family court in green color salwar suit on Thursday. During this, he had put vermilion and a bindi on his forehead in his demand. Earlier, Jyanti Singh has shared a picture on her Instagram, in which she can be seen demanding. People are very fond of this picture of Jyoti Singh wearing a blue color saree, a bindi on the forehead, lipstick on the lips. On this, Pawan Singh’s fans are also telling him a beautiful sister-in-law. Both these pictures prove that maybe there can be a reconciliation between these two. However, until the matter can be said about this in the court.

Pawan Singh’s wife Jyoti Singh had filed for divorce in the family court of Arrah, which was to be heard on April 28. But after Pawan Singh did not appear in the family court, a further date was given. The court had fixed May 26 in this case and Pawan Singh was ordered to appear in the court. On which Jyoti Singh and Pawan Singh appeared today. The judge told both of them during counseling that it would be better if they both settle this personal matter by talking to each other.
Pawan Singh’s lawyer said this while talking to the media, Pawan Singh’s lawyer Sudma Singh said that both the parties have spoken of not living together in the court. He told that Pawan Singh has said in the court that he will not keep Jyoti Singh as his wife, while Jyoti Singh has also refused to live together. The judge tried to convince both of them, but both the parties did not agree to live together. However, the court has given one more chance to both of them.

According to reports, Pawan Singh’s wife Jyoti Singh has made many serious allegations against him like harassing her. Outside the court, Jyoti Singh’s lawyer Vishnudhar Pandey told that nothing is right between the superstar and his wife. There is a dispute between the two every day. Divorce application has been filed regarding this dispute.
The lawyer told that Pawan Singh used to torture his wife after marriage. They used to beat him. Used to abuse. Not only this, after marriage, Pawan Singh had aborted his wife twice.

Pawan Singh used to shy away from bringing his second wife Jyoti Singh in front of the public. The Bhojpuri actor has not shared pictures with Jyoti on any social media platform, nor did he take his second wife to any party. Although what is the real reason behind the breakdown of the second marriage, it is not clear, but Pawan Singh has once again come into the limelight regarding his personal life.

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