May 26, 2022
Harnaaz Sandhu's look changed just three months after becoming Miss Universe

Stunning Harnaaz Sandhu has illuminated the name of India in the world by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. When Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned Miss Universe, then discussions about her beauty are being heard not only in the country but all over the world.

After becoming Miss Universe 2021, the fan following of Harnaaz started touching the sky. From the looks of Harnaaz to his style statement, people have started following him. The craze of Harnaaz’s craze is raising the heads of the fans. When Harnaaz became Miss Universe in December 2021, along with her beauty, her fitness and toned body were also impressed by the fans. Every girl is dreaming of getting a fit body like Harnaaz. But within a few months of becoming Miss Universe, Harnaaz’s revenge is blowing the senses of the fans.

The actress has put on a lot of weight within a few months of becoming Miss Universe 2021. Fit and glamorous Harnaaz is now looking chubby. Fans are unable to understand what happened in a few months that Harnaaz’s look has completely changed. At the Lakme Fashion Week, Harnaaz Sandhu was also seen spreading the ramp by walking the ramp.

Harnaaz impressed everyone with his ramp walk, but seeing his transformation, everyone’s senses were blown away. What is the reason for this change in Harnaaz’s body, she herself can tell the answer. However, she looks beautiful in this look too.
But do you know that 3 days before participating in Miss Universe, Harnaaz was admitted in the hospital. Harnaaz had disclosed this in one of his interviews. Harnaaz had said- My mother told me that you should participate this year. Harnaaz had said – I was admitted to the hospital 3 days before participating in Miss Universe. It was then that I learned about my celiac disease that I was allergic to gluten. I didn’t know before. Because of this many times your weight increases.

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